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My Story


I was born in Venezuela in the beautiful city of Maracay. As a kid, I enjoyed Venezuelan culture, language and lifestyle. I was very happy to live in such a wonderful country.  Yet, in 2003, my mom, being a strong opponent to Chavez’s government, received death threats. As the result, my parents decided to move out of the country looking for better life in the United States. I was 11 years old when I arrived at the LAX airport. I remember wowing to LA’s skyscrapers, cars, roads, and pretty much everything around me.  Despite an exhausting 8 hour flight, I remember being completely awake on the car just to look around the 101.

As we arrived at Nipomo, CA, my dad told me that I needed to start school on Monday (just 2 day after my arrival). So I did, but instead of going to MESA middle school where all the kids in Nipomo go, I was sent to Judkins Middle School in Pismo Beach. At this time, Judkins was the only middle school who offered EL services in the whole area.



The Challenges: Adapting to the new Life


When I arrived at Judkins Middle School I could not believe the beautiful view of the school. It was very similar to the one on the right. At that moment, I was very happy to be at this school. Yet, as I started going to school more often, it became apparent that it was going to be hard to communicate with any of my peers. My language and culture was different than the Mexican and American culture. At that time I realized that it was going to be difficult to adapt to this completely new lifestyle.

One day as I was sitting on the bus, I remember looking at the students outside speaking in English. It was frustrating that I could not understand anything that they said. At that moment, I said to my self “One day I would speak English just like they do”. Since then, I putted significant effort to learn English and do well in school.  



My motivation to be a Teacher 



I am thankful for all those challenges of learning English and going to school. They were my motivation to becoming a teacher. The challenges I faced as a EL student lead to me ask and seek more from my teachers. Many times I was scared to ask questions, but when I did, my teachers always provided me with the support I needed to be successful in school. As a teacher, I want to go even further than my own teachers in helping and supporting EL students. By my own experience, I know the challenges that EL students struggle with in the classroom. I understand that learning a new language is in no way an easy task.  I understand the difficulties that EL students face when learning a new subject in a new language. It is tough. But as EL students go through such a challenging journey, I want to be there for them to support them. I truly hope to be an inspiration to many of my EL students. 

Please don’t get me wrong: I love to teach and encourage every single one of my students, but due to my personal story as a EL student, I am specially passionate about teaching EL students. 


Why Math?



In high school, math became that one subject where I didn’t have to perfectly speak English in order to understand it. Math was and still is its own language. Through numbers and symbols I was able to understand mathematics better than any other subject. Very soon, I began to love math, so much that I wanted to get a degree in mathematics. Yet, when I was a Senior and applying for colleges, many people, including my family, started telling me that I was “too smart to be a teacher” and insisted me to pursue a career in Engineering or science. As the result, I begin my college career majoring in computer science. I liked the major, but it was not my passion. When I was a Junior, I got so frustrated with Computer Science that I almost wanted to quit college. Yet, I decided to follow my dreams instead and changed my major to mathematics. What a great decision! I loved each and every one of my math classes despite being extremely challenging. In 2015, My passion for math allowed to obtain a B.S. in Mathematics (with a concentration in Teaching and a Spanish minor) 



Teaching Portfolio 




  1. Calpoly’s Outstanding Mathematics Educator award
  2. Cotchett Science and Mathematics Teacher Education Scholarship



Life outside of the school


I love to Eat and go to different restaurants specially when I do it with friends and family


I Love to travel the United States. I haven’t been able to travel much, so I am eager to do so soon!


As you can tell by looking at this website, I love to develop websites. I can’t wait to use this skill along with my teaching job!


I love to sing as well. I am part of the worship team at my church :) 


I love exploring nature, fishing and camping. I hope to one day go back to Venezuela to explore the Amazon and the Salto Angel. 


I love technology! I am very tech savvy and I love to get my hands on the newest technologies. I would for sure be using a lot of technology in my classroom. 

I love to spend time with my family. I enjoy being with my parents and brother. I also look forward to get married one day and have a beautiful family. 


I love to Relax and have a good time!